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Excellent Towing Services For Nearly Four Decades

Thirty-six years ago, we started Warren's Towing & Recovery in Roxboro, North Carolina. Since then, we have made a few changes to the services we offer. We started out as a towing company, but have added more services, such as sand blasting and snow plowing, as the needs became apparent. We are also HAZMAT certified for when emergencies can become hazardous.

One thing that hasn't changed is our dedicated service to you. At Warren's Towing & Recovery, we know that unfortunate situations happen. One day you could be driving out to a date and you get a flat tire. Or when you're late for work and your car won't start. It happens.

That's why when you need quick roadside assistance we're here to lift you back up and get you back on the road again. From 1980 to now, Warren's Towing & Recovery is there for you.

Check out our fleet of vehicles to assist you in local and long distance towing and recovery!